In co-creating a project with The Kalbeliya Gypsies of Pushkar, a true community vision is created directly with the people based on a collective understanding and agreement.  

We have identified a suite of dynamic projects that create and support self-employment, artistry, social inclusion, skills training and wellness. We invite you to join us as we journey together into a place of balance.  

Current projects include

  1. Mobile Market Shops:  Micro-financed Women’s Self-Employment
  2. Mobile DJ Company: Youth Self-Employment
  3. Village Design Center: Vocational Training, Tailoring, Design, Production (crafts, fashion wear)
  4. Market Retail Shop: In-market design center extension with e-commerce store and computer training
  5. Learning Center Expansion: Campus completion, teacher training and curriculum planning
  6. Male Employment Placement Program
  7. Village wellness: Sustainable housing, clean water, solar, horticulture and 
  8. Photography and video production 
  9. International Performance Tour

Executive summaries for each project will be provided on request.

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