Our focus is offering the essentials of academics with cultural sensitivity and making this available to all members of the community young and old. Currently, KAA provides a 1/2 day course to children ages 3 to 14 that includes literacy training in Hindi, English and Mathematics. We introduce subjects such as Social Studies, Geography, and Biology in our literacy training. Our multi-age and level classes are taught through an activity based/special education approach and are customized to each individual student who then follows at his/her own pace. Marwari, the native language spoke by the Kalbeliya is reinforced and infused into all classes. We offer special workshops throughout the year, often delivered by international educators and we regularly including Yoga, Crafts, and Art classes. 

Folk Art Performance

The Kalbeliya of Pushkar believe that their most important cultural asset is Kalbeliya folk music and dance. We have outlined a disciplined performance training program to develop and hone these skills that includes classes taught by master Kalbeliya artists living in the village and/or the surrounding area. Classes in non-traditional instruments are also offered such as Nagara, Tabla drums and Harmonium as well as other dance disciplines. It is our vision to have a youth team to perform at other schools as a way to begin to bridge the cultural gap from a young age. The unique relationship held with a broad international community creates options for a wide scope of music workshops delivered by visitors from across the globe.


KAA’s self-employment training program is open to any community member wishing to attend. The focus is on the fundamentals of running a business, exploring options and opportunities for sustainable community-run businesses, business planning, start-up funds and ongoing training. The aim is to develop legitimate businesses from folk crafts and existing revenue streams i.e. henna making for tourists, chai shops and performance tents during the Annual Pushkar Camel Fair, hotel performances, as well as explore potential for new skills.

Village Wellness 

The Wellness Program is designed to create a structured conversation leading to an overall community vision. Our program directors work alongside the community to create an action plan and provide resources to manifest that vision. The program offers information on a wide variety of topics including general health, hygiene, nutrition, alcohol awareness, social justice, and much more. The Wellness Program is a space for local and foreign volunteers to contribute knowledge and co-create customized workshops.